We Feature Expert High Performance Services:
• Performance modifications to old and late model cars
• Chassis fabrication and modification
• Custom Exhaust & Cut-out
• Tuning Programmable EFI and Ignition Systems

Dyno Testing & Dyno Tuning
• Baseline and full dyno-tuning of all RWD / FWD cars & trucks
• Tune-ups - plugs, filters, ignition timing and jetting Before and After

Dyno Jet 248HS is used to accurately measure wheel horsepower
on vehicles up to 1200hp and is also capable of
speed testing up to 250Mph

We use wide-band air fuel on all of our runs to monitor the engines air fuel ratio

The Dyno is also available for special events and dedicated tuning sessions.

"If we can't do it, you don't need it"